A country estate in the green Valmarecchia

Tenuta della Garisenda
The famous wines

Tenuta della Garisenda's wines

charm, culture and tradition

The wines of Tenuta Amalia, produced at Villa Verucchio, have their vineyards poised upon the gentle slopes of the Valmarecchia, and the vinification by Tenuta della Garisenda, employs the finest-quality technology in their skillful dedication to excellence.

Here you can visit the Cantina della Gea; with wine tasting, enotourism and visits to the historical cantina.

Tenuta Amalia, in dedication to the history and culture of wine making, not only produce and distribute Tenuta della Garisenda's wines but also endeavor to cultivate a new philosophy and offer to its clients and friends superior wines within a frame of tradition and nature.

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TENUTA AMALIA Via Molino Bianco 836 - 47827 Villa Verucchio (Rimini) - tel. +39 0541 678536 - tel. +39 0541 678876