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Tenuta della Garisenda
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'e Croin

This is the latest restaurant to open its doors at Tenuta Amalia. The name derives from the wicker basket used to protect chicks while the mother hen would forage in the yard. The restaurant preserves the nostalgic atmosphere and ambience of the old casa colonica (sharecroppers' home) of romagnola tradition. The comfortable surroundings, well-suited for ceremonies, become even more picturesque during the warm months when a roomy portico, facing the garden, becomes available. The restaurant is adjacent to the splendid golf course, Rimini Golf Club, and is often visited by golfers taking a relaxing break from their rounds to dine in an atmosphere on a par with any clubhouse.

The bill of fare offered at 'e Croin cannot help but honor the ambience of its surroundings: meticulous homemade pasta followed by main courses exemplifying the most wholesome traditional romagnola cooking, accompanied by selections from younger, more recent culinary arts. Thus 'e Croin combines typical romagnola dishes with modern gastronomy while still maintaining the classical tastes of its territory that blend deliciously with the aroma and flavors of the famous wines of Tenuta della Garisenda.


Via Molino Bianco, 1592 - Villa Verucchio (Rimini) Italy
Tel. +39 0541 670094

Closed on Tuesdays

TENUTA AMALIA Via Molino Bianco 836 - 47827 Villa Verucchio (Rimini) - tel. +39 0541 678536 - tel. +39 0541 678876