A country estate in the green Valmarecchia

Tenuta della Garisenda
The famous wines


Several restaurants are contained within Tenuta Amalia, each with a historical and gastronomical offering of character and quality. R̉ E BUǸ, to begin with, was originally a 16th-century mill, referred to in literature by Leone X. Why Ṛ and Buń? They are the two oxen that worked side by side in the plowing of the fields: Ṛ, red, of barbaric origins and Buń, italic, patient and sturdy. The restaurant's cuisine boasts recipes from the best in traditional Romagnolo cooking.

'e CROIN is the latest restaurant to open its doors at Tenuta Amalia. The name derives from the wicker basket used to protect baby chicks while the mother hen would forage in the yard.

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